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JavaScript Challenge

Round Table | Live on Zoom

We’ll chat&talk about the Wednesday JavaScript Challenge solutions.

The session will be moderated by Mel.


09.February.2021 18:30 CET

Past events

Learn. Share. Support.

CodeJourneys meetup | 26.January.2021 19:00 CET

On the 26th January 2021 we are going to host our mothly remote meetup.

We meet us at 19:00CET on Zoom and it is open to everybody, participation is free.

We invite all those who participate in our events to help us create safe and positive experiences for everyone.

We have the pleasure to host 2 talks:


1. Journey with Derick into Technology

Derick Alangi portrait picture

Derick Alangi

19:10 – 19:25

Derick Alangi is Technical Associate at Wikimedia & Software Engineer at WikiTeq.

In this session, I’ll share with you a story of how I got into technology and what I’ve been doing till today.

In addition to that, I’ll give some light on what I intend to do in the near future with all the knowledge I’ve gathered so far in tech and pursuing a software engineering career.


2. Recruiting Insights – How to prove your talent and stay motivated during your application journey

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding @ SinnerSchrader // Part of Accenture Interactive (she/her)

Annika Helmli

19:35 – 19:50

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding @ SinnerSchrader // Part of Accenture Interactive (she/her)

In this session, I will give advice around the application process from writing your CV to your first interview. I will give you an insight in the world of recruiting and hopefully help you to stay motivated and confident during your application processes in order to find the right job eventually.

How to attend the meetup?

The Zoom’s link will be shared on Slack and on Eventbrite. Be sure that you are either on the CJ Slack or reserve a free slot on Eventbrite.

26.January.2021 19:00 CET

Vue.js Beginner Course 3/3

Study group | Live on Zoom

We’ll cover all the basics and work on a small project so you can learn by doing.

14.October.2020 18:00 CET

Transition from Vue 2 to Vue 3 | Round table

Round table | Online

We’ll discuss the content of the “Transition from Vue 2 to Vue 3” lesson on VueMastery.

The lesson is free this weekend.

11.October.2020 17:00 CET