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Top 5 JS Learning Resources

by Brigitta
JS Learning Resources

1. FreeCodeCamp.org

FCC is a great, totally free resource when it comes to coding. Apart from practising you can create your very first projects from scratch. A great place to start!

2. w3schools.com

Another fav free website is w3schools. You can learn the languages by doing small challenges and excerisizes. Also a huge documentation is available, so even experienced developers can make use of it!

3. TheOdinProject.com

If you are serious about becoming a web developer, The Odin Project will help you with that. It offers a structured, detailed path from the history of the web until full-stack web development!

4. Codecademy.com

Codecademy offers free and paid (Pro) membership as well. Even in the free program you can learn by doing and creating, which can help you to have a taste in their teaching style and can decide if you switch to a Pro membership.

5. Our Slack learning group!

Last but not least: we are here for you! You don’t have to be alone through the journey. Most of the online programs don’t offer live support or mentorship, and this is what we want to fill in. Wherever you are learning, you can join us to get support & be part of our growing community! If you feel like we are talking to you: find out how to join us 😊

There are of course tons of other websites, courses and books. What is your favorite?Β 

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