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This week on CodeJourneys #1

by Raffaele Pizzari

Welcome to a new week of CodeJourneys!

Still lots of stuff on, so be sure you check so you don’t miss anything!


  • We created a new repository for the weekly Kata. Each Kata has a “solutions” folder and you can put your code there. We can use the Pull Requests to review exercises.
  • We posted our first “This week on CJ”. We’ll post on every monday a short weekly planning on this website to keep our members updated.
  • 4 new members joined us

27.04 Monday:

  • A new “Kata” has been published (GitHub)

28.04 Tuesday:

  • Project-one: Task3 will be published. (GitHub)

30.04 Thursday:

  • 18:00CET – Live coding session: we’ll solve together 2-3 Katas with JavaScript using Test Driven Development. The Zoom link will be shared few minutes before the meeting on Slack channel.

Don’t forget to comment or tweet @codejourneys to let us know what you are planning to do.

If you want to join our community, send us an e-mail or a tweet.

Happy coding!

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